Pallet Management Services

Nationwide Pallet Management

We manage all the pallet services for your national shipping needs including:

  • Just in Time Order Fulfillment
  • On-site Pallet/RTV Sortation
  • Pallet Recycling
  • Pallet Repair Programs
  • Tracking and Reporting
  • Pallet Warehousing/Storage

Talk to one of our pallet management experts for more information.

Pallet Removal Services

Pallet Removal

Part of our Total Pallet Management, CALco provides pallet pick up. We count, track and report all items picked up at your locations across the country. We can also offer storage and recycling.

Live Loaded
For any volume of broken or scrap pallets, we can send a truck out to your facility to be live loaded. Please call us today to schedule your next pick up.

Drop Trailers
CALco also offers drop trailers for customer who wants to keep their warehouse clear of any scrap or broken pallets. Simply call us when your trailer is full and we will swap it out promptly. If you are in the area feel free to stop by and drop off your pallets. CALco pays top dollar for your broken and scrap pallets!

On-Site Pallet / RTV Sortation
Let the professionals handle your onsite pallet sorting and loading. This is ideal for companies that may reuse certain types of inbound pallets, while the rest get loaded by our fully insured employee(s) in a safe and timely matter. If your organization accumulates 3 or more semi-trailer loads of surplus pallets weekly, one of our representatives should assess your specific needs in person. Contact us today!

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